Exhibiting At Deli Felice

Welcome to Daybreak by Eri Kikkawa


Hello, my name is Eri Kikkawa, nice to meet you. I am an artist based in London, originally from Japan.


My passion for making art comes from the desire to discover and bring new perspectives to the world around us, and to study humanity.


I am so delighted and honoured to hold my first solo show here. This is an exhibition of diverse works made over the course of the last year, where I have been touched by energy of people moving forward in the hard times of the pandemic. 


I hope to share my art journey with as many people as possible during the show. And finally, I'd like to show my appreciation for Deli Felice, who kindly offered me the space.


Exhibition ends on the 26th of March


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Exhibition ends on the 26th of March